Dear Parents,

As we go through these days, one of the things I have noticed is how important it is for me to keep things somewhat organized and, of course, very clean. Cleaning up and taking care of the space my family now inhabits 24/7 is also helping me to de-stress a bit. Getting my child involved in the process is equally important, not just for my sanity, but for his, too. As he cleaned his room and helped me straighten up the kitchen, I had flashbacks to him vacuuming right alongside me at the tender age of two. My point? It’s never too early to begin to develop practical skills! And children LOVE to feel helpful. They way I see it? Cleaning is good for their social/emotional well being, for their self-esteem.  After all, everyone wants to feel useful. Finding Balance: Developing Practical Life Skills


If I Built a Car with Jen. Be sure to listen for the extension activity at the end. Design and draw your own magical car and email it to me! [email protected]
Passover Story with Rabbi Sari (if you missed Storah Time yesterday, this was a fabulous read!)

Masking Tape Racing

Paper Tunnels– Before you build, let your child design and decorate! Great for 2-3 year olds, but really good for any age.
Monoprints with Sandpaper

Passover Art:
Recreate the Parting of the Red Sea

Dancing Raisins Experiment. Be sure to read the extension activities that include freeze dance and art.

Make Your Own Pizza. Next week will be Matzah pizza, so get in the real stuff now!

Note: The Passover Music and Story is a Repeat. The goal is to practice the songs each day, and to read the story over and over so your child can play an active role in your Passover seder.
Music time with Teacher Marcos– It’s all about Passover. Play this over and over for the next couple of weeks so your child can participate in your Passover Seder! Repetition is key, especially when learning music.
Passover Songsheet –Lyrics to go along with Teacher Marcos’ songs, and the basics that are included in our school Haggadah.

Passover Story
There are different ways to tell the story of Passover, depending on the developmental level of the child.
Passover Story for 2-3 year olds
Passover Story for older 3-5 year olds

Have a wonderful day!