Giving at Wise School

“Our children are our guarantors. For their sake I give the Torah to you” (Shir Hashirim Rabbah, 1:24)

For Jews, establishing schools and contributing to their excellence is an existential necessity. We build great schools so we can build great people. We build great people so we can make the world a better place.

To do this, we depend on the philanthropic support of parents, grandparents, alumni, community members and friends. Tuition and fees sustains our educational excellence. Philanthropy enables us to expand, build, innovate, and create new opportunities. In addition to actively participating in the Wise community, we expect every family to contribute to Annual Giving at a meaningful level so that we can make great happen in our School and our world.

Annual Giving

Annual Giving is the primary time when we personally reach out to every Wise School parent to determine at what level they can contribute a gift that  is reflective of their personal investment in their child’s education.


Annual Giving (EC)

Annual Giving for our Early Childhood Department allows parents to ensure that their children continue to receive an early education that remains on the cutting edge. Contributors may direct their donations to the initiative of their choice.


Giving for our Future


Volunteer Opportunities