The Performing Arts program is a vibrant part of Wise life, inspiring creativity, encouraging a pursuit of new passions, and providing a vehicle to develop untapped skills. Students build vocal, dramatic and oratorical skills through participating in the Spring Musical, our choral programs, or the orchestra. They cultivate a deep appreciation for the power of music, gain a love of theater and build confidence in their unique talents. Through these extracurricular opportunities, students share their art with our community via concerts, plays, and other performances.
The Art program at Wise School develops students’ awareness and love of art, nurtures and promotes creative thinking and problem solving, and encourages and empowers students through the creation of their own unique artwork.

The program integrates the themes and topics covered in many subject areas, including social studies, language arts, mathematics, Bible, music, Judaica, and science. Our new home in the Tyberg Arts and Innovation Lab allows for the close proximity of the Technology Lab, with opportunities to bring together Art and Technology within the same projects.

Using a variety of media to produce two and three dimensional projects, students are exposed to various artists and their work. They are challenged to think like architects, designers, inventors, and fine artists. Basic design elements and principles are introduced at the appropriate age levels and developed further from year to year.

Each year, the program incorporates new and different projects that tie into the curriculum. At the end of the year, students will each have a piece in our school-wide art show, which showcases the creativity and beauty that make our art program such an integral part of our school.

Music weaves a vital cultural tapestry across our generations connecting every person around the world through song. The Wise School music program preserves and enriches that indelible global harmony by offering a myriad of choral, instrumental and music classes all of which provide various performance, community, and learning-based opportunities. In weekly music classes, students sing songs related to holidays and customs, as well as learn about composers, music appreciation, music history, and the basic elements of music. Each grade level has a presentation of a holiday or an event, with music and dance being a major component of the program. Music innovation takes place in our aptly-titled state-of-the-art Music Innovation Lab: a technological, sonic, and hands-on marvel unique to our campus. And on Fridays, the carpool line comes alive with melodies spanning The Beatles to Beethoven. Music Education (K-1st) led by Marcos Cohen.