Dear Wise School EC and Parenting Center Families,

Welcome to your Tuesday activities. As promised, there is more Passover fun contained in today’s work, along with our usual assortment of art, literacy, math, science and more.  It is actually just listed out in the overall curriculum of the day—egg themed science, pyramid construction, puppet making and more.

Please begin your day with Rabbi Sari and our morning blessings

Tikkun Olam Ted with Teacher Michelle
The Gruffalo with Jen

Make Matzah

Egg Experiment- this experiment will take you right up to Passover.  Be sure to log your daily observations with photos, words and drawings. Please send photos to me so we can see your progress as you go!

Passover Character Puppets– Make some stick puppets using popsicle sticks.  No popsicle sticks? No worries! Use paper bags and print bigger pictures.
Crayon Rubbing Templates– This can be a wonderful activity to do PRIOR to the wax resist painting below, because you can use the rubbings as you go through that process.
Wax Resist Painting, brought to you by our atelierista, Joanne.

Foam Dough – This is such a wonderful sensory activity that your child may not want to do anything else all morning!

Paper Cup Pyramid Building– You can also move around your house to find different materials your child might want to use, if you do not have paper cups. Challenge: Mix materials, give parameters of how many of each material can be used.
Counting and Addition Activity Tray– Collect loose parts (will need 6-12 of each item) and a set of dice.

Have a wonderful day!