Diversity & Inclusion

At Wise School, we believe that our vision can only be fulfilled by celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

Diversity is an essential piece of experiencing wholeness, learning deeply, and being creative. One of the three core values of Stephen Wise Temple’s mission is inclusivity, the idea that everyone should have a home in our community. In alignment with that, the theme for Wise School’s 2019-20 school year is “Kulanu K’Echad” – Each Of Us As One.

Wise School welcomes and values the voices of students, families, and staff who bring new or different perspectives. We are committed to reflecting diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, language, nationality, family structure, and socioeconomic status.

As we prepare our students to enjoy success and fulfillment as global citizens, we strive to build a community that exemplifies respect and appreciation for all people.

Below you will find helpful resources  about how to talk to your children regarding racism, racial violence, protests and police brutality:

Head of School Tami Wesier with Eli Katz, a visual effects artist discussing his work on Marvel Studios’ Black Panther.

Exceptional-Minds.org, an organization which was recognized in 2019 as a California nonprofit of the year, is a vfx/animation studio that employs young adults who are on the autism spectrum. Their studio artists who have autism do work on such films as Black Panther, Green Book, and dozens of other productions from Marvel, Disney, Netflix, and more. To help educate our students on neurodiversity and dispel stereotypes associated with people on the autism spectrum, we invited Eli, Executive Producer Susan Zwerman, and David Siegel, Director of Strategic Partnerships to speak.

As part of our Parent Academy speaker series, internationally acclaimed author and expert Dr. Michele Borba speaks about empathy and inclusivity to a packed audience on the first day back at school.

Amanda Maddahi of JQ International workshops the top themes and questions from our anonymous pre-training survey. Amanda, an international karate champion, has her medical degree from Tel Aviv’s Sackler School of Medicine and is a dynamic speaker on the topic of being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

Rabbi Ron Stern in conversation with award-winning speaker Arya Marvazy after the gender diversity training. Arya has received acclaim for his work to expand LBGTQ+ advocacy within the greater Jewish and Los Angeles Persian communities.

Wise School partnered with JQ International to bring gender diversity training to our entire staff. To kick off the 2019-2020 school year, JQ speakers brought a customized program to the School and Temple, shared their stories, and spoke about the language of gender and the perceptions we have. Our educators asked thoughtful questions which sparked meaningful discussion about inclusivity.

We’re excited to unveil an interdisciplinary project that our 6th grade students have worked hard to create over the course of the 2019-2020 school year, starting in November. This creation is centered on our school theme of Kulanu K’Echad.