Dear Parents,

All week, I have been looking forward to Shabbat, and not just because it’s Friday and the end of the work/school week. Really, it’s feeling an awful lot like the movie, “Groundhog Day,” in my house, and the weekend doesn’t feel much different. I am guessing you can relate. I have been looking forward to Friday all week because last week, for the first time in MONTHS, my husband, child and I were all together for Shabbat. Despite the work we all had to accomplish over the course of the day, in between we managed to make a challah and prepare a beautiful meal together. I am so grateful for the blessing of my family, and that we are so lucky to be healthy and together—and that is what I am holding onto as I move into this Shabbat. I wish you all a peaceful Shabbat, one with moments, big or small, for deep appreciation.

Shabbat Songs with Mr. Marcos

Shabbat Stories with Jen

Shabbat Yoga with Teacher Cheryl – A full 20 minute class to get you centered for Shabbat!

Shabbat Services at 10:15 with Ditza and our Rabbis


Challah Baking:
We made this challah last week for Shabbat, and it was AMAZING.  It might be my favorite recipe. I highly recommend it.

Centerpieces for the Shabbat table.
1.         Stick Painting, from our Atelierista, Joanne
2.         Cotton Ball Painting for Toddlers
3.         Make each other Shabbat cards- Draw a picture of the highlight of your week together.

Loose Part Patterning– Use materials from your home to build patterns with your children. Pattern making supports math and literacy.
Rainbow Creation and Scavenger Hunt

Caring for Our Earth:
Become a Personal Plant Doctor

Shabbat Shalom!