Wise School is a center of creative activists, intellectual people, spiritual beings who are full of life, energy, spirit, and meaningful and purposeful existence, who feel empowered to grow and live in their full potential, and go out in the world and make great happen. Wise School is also a place where people are here for each other in really deep ways – during the happiest of simchas and supporting each other during challenging times. We are a community that feels responsibility to one another and to our School and Temple, combined with a dedication to partner in raising one another’s children.

An important aspect of our community is the “Buddy Bench” – in which we ensure that every child has a friend in our community and do not feel alone. The “Buddy Bench” also aids in the social-emotional development of each child, so they have a deeper sense of empathy and are able to act on it through their interactions with others. At Wise School, every child, every family, and every human has a place.


At Wise School, we welcome grandparents as part of our extended family throughout the year at special events.

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Alumni are very much a part of who we are and your decision to remain connected to us is invaluable. Join our growing alumni network.

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