Dear Wise Parenting Center and Early Childhood Families,

We hope you were able to venture outside this weekend, for some backyard play, a neighborhood walk or even a small family hike.

We welcome in a new week together with Havdalah, marking the separation between Shabbat and the rest of the week. Some classrooms made this a part of morning circles today, and some families watched on Facebook live with Rabbi Yoshi on Saturday evening.  In case you have not yet had the chance to participate, please join us here.  Did you know, you can observe Havdalah until Tuesday?

Before you begin, make your own spice bag!

Pout, Pout Fish with Teacher Karen, best for Parenting, Stepping Stones, First Steps, Discoverers
Independent Reading and Parent/Child Discussion, best for Explorers, Investigators, Pre-K, TK

Quilling – Our children have worked on quilling projects in the atelier, and we have been amazed by their work and the calm that this activity seems to provide for the individual—adults and children, alike!

Sorting, best for Parenting, Stepping Stones, First Steps, Discoverers
Legos and Measurement, best for Explorers, Investigators, Pre-K, TK

Cooking: FOR ALL
For snack today: Ants on a Log
Apple Chips

Science: FOR ALL
Cloud in a Jar
Rainy Day Experiment

Passover Preparation
What Do You Remember? This discussion is geared for 4/5 year olds, as an opening to frame your discussions of the holiday.  If your child is younger, go directly to “Read the Story.”

Read the Story Initially, just read the story to your child.  If your child is Pre K, or even Explorers, you can ask them first what they remember about Passover. This can frame the beginning of your conversation. Read the story each day. Start small, read a paragraph, and add more on each time.

Expansion: Build a Passover scene with blocks and other manipulatives.