Dear Wise EC and Parenting Center Parents,

Some of you have shared how wonderful these links are, but that you would love to receive them the evening prior, so that you can be organized in the morning.  I hope you find this helpful in getting started for Tuesday.  Enjoy the day!

The Good Enough Parent is the Best Parent
Managing expectations we have for ourselves, with Nicole Mevorakh, LMFT

Morning Blessings at 8:30 with Rabbi Sari

Morning Exercise
Yoga with Teacher Cheryl
Vestibular Activities – The vestibular processing system plays an essential role in the relationship between our body, gravity and the physical world. It provides us with information about where our body is in space. It is responsible for informing us whether our body is stationary or moving, how fast it is moving and in what direction.

Morning Stories
Cookie Jar Felt Story with Marloes
Olivia with Linda

Pet Rock

Begin this process by looking for a rock. Got older children to homeschool? Go out in the backyard for a quicker hunt, or save this activity for after an afternoon family walk around the neighborhood. Help your child to make a plan before getting started, it helps the child to organize his or her thoughts.

Gross Motor/Math
Bean Bag Toss
Work muscles, make plans, count and graph, all in one exercise.

Loose Parts Scavenger Hunt
What are loose parts? We are so glad you asked.  Read more here.

For younger children, do the scavenger hunt and then let the children build with the items.  Challenge them to build Pharoah’s palace, or to make Moses leading the Jewish people to the Red Sea. For the older children, follow the story instructions on the write-up.

Invisible Ink
Write secret messages or make surprise pictures for each other.  Want it to last longer? Play 20 questions to try and figure out each other’s message/design.

Have a great day!