Dear Wise School EC and Parenting Center Families,

Welcome to Monday morning! We begin with an intentional start to our week, morning blessings with Rabbi Sari followed by Havdalah, mindfulness AND yoga.

Each day this week, you will see a Passover section, to help get your child ready for the holiday. When we teach holidays, we like to give the children plenty of time to take in different aspects of the holiday, whether the story, the food, the songs, tradition or values that we can take from our understanding of the themes of the holiday. We do this SLOWLY, bit by bit.  When we tell the story, we tell one section at a time, and follow it with discussion, with dress up, with building, with rewriting and asking questions as we go. Your child, whether 3 years old or 5 years old, will take so much deep learning from this process. The goal is not for them to memorize, but to grapple with the big ideas and learn deeply from them. I encourage you to start small, repeat (you will see the stories and songs placed here daily), revisit and create all week long.

Morning Blessings at 8:30 a.m., with Rabbi Sari
Mindful Moments
Teacher Cheryl takes us on our next YOGA adventure to Hawaii!
3 Speckled Frogs with Marloes
Quackers with Ren

Art by Atelierista, Joanne
Bottle Cap Collage – Also an opportunity to revisit the quilling from last week by incorporating it into this colorful creation.

Snack: Waffles Faces

Science: Germ Studies
1. Hand Washing Experiment– The hands that attract the germs!
2. Watching Germs Grow
3. Washing Toys

Science: Balance and Stability Experiments
1. Balance Scales
2. Paper Bridge Experiment

Passover Preparation:
1. Paper Plate Frog Craft
2. Seder Plate Project

Music time with Teacher Marcos– It’s all about Passover. Play this over and over for the next couple of weeks so your child can participate in your Passover Seder! Repetition is key, especially when learning music.

Passover Songsheet –Lyrics to go along with Teacher Marcos’ songs, and the basics that are included in our school Haggadah.

Passover Story:
There are different ways to tell the story of Passover, depending on the developmental level of the child.
Passover Story for 2-3 year olds
Passover Story for older 3-5 year olds

Have a great day!