Thoughts from the Inaugural Wise Twinning Partnership

Rabbi Joshua Knobel and Mrs. Malka Clement: Shalom.

Forgive me for invading your private email boxes but your names were mentioned more than once by our Elcharizi school administration, and I’ve decided to write you the following.

My son is visiting your school with the Elcharizi delegation and staying at one of your parent homes.

Three days have passed and my heart is filled with immense joy and my eyes with tears. I could have never imagined that our son would be welcomed with so much love, care and joy at school and at their home. To listen to him talk and watch the light that shines from his face in a picture taken randomly make me understand that I couldn’t have decided better when I supported him on becoming part of this delegation and its blessed journey.

He has found a home away from home, a friend for life and a congregation blessed with amazing people.

I know one can tell me  – “hold your horses, it’s only three days out of ten”, but a Jewish mom is not mistaken…

Thank you.

I truly hope this is a beginning of a joint tradition between the schools that will last for years to come.

Finally, in Hanukkah’s spirit, I’ve decided to write you a quote you probably know by heart but today has a new meaning for me and probably for the children of Elcharizi –

This is a quote from Rabbi Kook’s sayings :

 “Every person is required to know that there is a candle burning inside of him, and his light isn’t like anyone else’s light, and there is no one who doesn’t possess a light. Every single person is required to understand that it is his obligation to work on revealing his light, and to make it into a great torch, shedding light on the whole world.”

 צריך שכל איש ידע ויבין, שבתוך תוכו דולק נר, ואין נרו שלו כנר חברו, ואין איש שאין לו נר. וצריך שכל איש ידע ויבין, שעליו לעמול ולגלות
את אור הנר ברבים, ולהדליקו לאבוקה גדולה ולהאיר את העולם כולו

Forever grateful for this journey and for matching our son with one of yours,
Shabbat Shalom.