Dear Wise Parenting and EC Parents,

Good morning! I hope this finds you well and healthy. Hopefully you and your children are ready to dive into our morning together.

As we move forward in this online model of learning, I want to acknowledge the need for your children to maintain structure and routine in your household. One way you can do this is by joining us every morning with the opportunities laid out in this newsletter, and you will also have opportunities to join your teachers for virtual circle times and interactive opportunities via back and forth email correspondence. This will give your child something to settle into, knowing their time may be filled with activity.  Please note, to protect the privacy of our teachers, please refrain from posting any of their videos on social media.  Each activity listed below can be adjusted for any age, even if it is specified for a particular age group!

daily schedule is attached here to give you an idea of how to structure your child’s time.

I know this online model can be difficult with the pressures of your own work and multiple children now doing online learning, as I am experiencing the same. You can access our materials at any time through my emails, and we will be setting up a space to archive all of these as well, so you can visit and repeat with your child as often as they want. Repetition, after all, is an important part of their learning process.

This is new for every single one of us, and all of it can be scary for a young child.  Some of you have communicated that your children are having difficulty sleeping on their own, your children don’t want to leave your side. Reassurance and calmness is going to be so important, and allowing your child the space to talk about their feelings. Let them lead that conversation.  And listen. Some helpful links to guide you:

Child Mind Institute

Tina Payne Bryson, Whole Brain Child Approach

PBS Parents

And for a little levity


Every Monday in our EC, we mark the separation between Shabbat and the rest of the week with Havdalah. As we say to the children, “It is our chance to say goodbye to Shabbat and hello to the new week.” Please join us this week for a pre-recorded Havdalah ceremony.

Havdalah with Jen and Rabbi Sari

Below are some of the activities written up by some of your teachers, for all ranges of development:

Songs and Stories

Old MacDonald with Ditza,Marloes and Stepping Stones Teachers (Stepping Stones-Explorer)
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Read Aloud with Teacher Michelle (Stepping Stones-Explorer)

Follow Up Activity:
Go on a letter scavenger hunt around the house.  Give your child a digital camera to capture each letter of the alphabet.
Creative Self-Expression from Teachers Bam and Anne(All Ages)

Not your everyday home-made Playdough from Teachers Mari and Aaliyah (All Ages)

Nature Walk from Teachers Elizabeth and Melinda(All Ages)

Building And Construction
Problem Solving and Mathematical Skills from Teachers Shoshi and Meirav(Explorer-TK)

Have a great day, and we’ll “see” you tomorrow!


Jen Shankman