Wise Master Plan

The master plan for Stephen S. Wise is a series of coordinated phased projects, each building upon the last, toward a unified vision for the future. As we prepare for the next fifty years, this carefully coordinated plan, building to a coherent and integrated whole, will allow for the realization of a new vision.

In late 2017, the Katz Family Pavilion and Sholom Garden opened it’s doors to the public. This state-of the-art space will be the new home at Wise for sports, cultural events and so much more. We will renovate existing spaces and create new facilities to respond to the ever-changing needs and interests of our community. By leveraging the existing buildings and tying them together, Wise will become the best possible version of itself – worship in a revitalized Sanctuary, play with your kids or grandkids on a green Campus Commons.  This is a place where individual activities become collective endeavor. A place where people come to stay. A place of desire that fosters and sustains a strong community. This is home.