Congratulations to the 2016-2017 WPA Executive Board!

Sherly Daneshgar and Orley Melamed: Co-Presidents
Neda Shak: Vice President
Nasi Bamshad: Community Services
Michelle Bader: Early Childhood Events
Shandy Gabbay and Debbie Mossanen: Co-K-6 Events
Dana Guerin: School Services
Cheri Karubian: Community Building
Makize Zarabi: Community Events
Sigalit Khalili: Treasurer
Negar Salim: Recording Secretary

We invite and encourage you to join our supportive WPA community by signing up for an opportunity to chair, co-chair, be a committee member, room parent, or host in an area that interests and excites you. Help make great happen. Nominations are now being accepted at:

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