A Message from Evelyn Shooshani, WPA President


Upcoming Events

  • Beit Issie Farmers Market: Friday, December 11 on Barron Field


Party Book Upcoming events… There’s still time to join the party wiseschool.onlinepartybook.com

  •  Getting Organized: Wednesday, January 13 (Wise Moms: First Steps – 6)
  • Discovery Cube: Sunday, January 24 (Wise Students: First Steps – Pre-K)
  • Soul Cycle: Wednesday, February 3 (Wise Parents: First Steps – 6)
  • Wine and Canvas: Thursday, February 4 (Wise Parents: First Steps – 6)
  • Gallery Hopping with Mario: Thursday, February 11 (Wise Parents: First Steps – 6)
  • Boot Camp: Friday March 25 (Wise Parents: First Steps – 6)
  • A Turkish Affair Part 2: Saturday, April 2 (Wise Parents: First Steps – 6)
  • Tequila Tasting Cinco de Mayo: Wednesday, May 5 (Wise Parents: First Steps – 6)


Special Thanks to:

  • The Ariana West, Carey Levin, and Natalie Rice-Sultan for selling Wise Style, taking inventory, and filling orders all year long.
  •  The WPA thanks Genene Turndorf for the Sammy Spider’s First Taste of Hanukkah book signing.
  •  Special thanks to the WPA Executive Board: Michelle Bader, Jennifer Cohen, Sherly Daneshgar, Shandy Gabbay, Sharen Golshan, Ilyse Levy, Orley Melamed, Neda Sarraf, Kelly Schwartz, Evelyn Shooshani, and Valarie Simms for hosting These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!


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