A Message from Evelyn Shooshani, WPA President

Mark your calendar: We have a lot of great events in store for you!

  • EC Morning Social featuring Guest Speaker Bette Alkaziane – Tuesday, October 27
  • Mitzvah Day – Sunday, November 1
  • K-6 WPA Meeting featuring Guest Speaker Amelia Saltsman – Tuesday, November 3
  • Book Fair – Sunday, November 1 through Friday, November 6
  • Holiday Boutique – Thursday, November 19

A friendly reminder Class Funds are due October 31: http://mycart.wisela.org/wise-school-class-fund

October Party Book Events Join the party at http://wiseschool.onlinepartybook.com.

  • Expert Pastry Chef for the Day: Sunday, October 11
  • Backyard Movie Night: Sunday, October 11
  • “All-In” Poker Night: Sunday, October 25

Special thanks to:

Nas Cohen, Nancy Emmanuel, Sharona Harounian, and Janet Okhovat for hosting our the Color Me Mine party book for our 1st and 2nd Graders.

What a sweet time was had by Kindergarteners at the Afterschool Milk and Cookies event hosted by Shahrzad Ghodsian, Kasey Himmel, Jenna Pitson, and Diamond Summerville.

Thank you Janet and Siamak Okhovat for graciously hosting the First Grade Morning Social.

 Upcoming Morning and Evening Socials: Remember to RSVP

  • Third Grade Morning Social – Thursday, October 15 at the home of Gloria and Benjamin Soleimani
  • Fifth Grade Morning Social – Tuesday, October 20 at the home of Negin and Egal Gabayzadeh
  • EC Parent Potluck (Evening) – Tuesday, October 20  coordinated by Michelle Bader
  • K-2 Evening Social – Wednesday, October 21 at the home of Ramona and Ramin Simantob

For up to date happenings, follow us on instagram @wiseparentsassociation