Dear Wise School Families,

As we continue to monitor developments in the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, as well as updated guidance issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control, we want to share additional information with you regarding Wise School’s response.

In addition to the increased sanitation measures that we published last week, you will discover additional measures taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Nightly, our custodial crews are using a disinfectant to wipe down tabletops, chairs, doorknobs, all shared and frequently touched surfaces.
  • Twice a week, a deep-cleaning machine is used to spray a safe disinfectant “fog” onto all surfaces occupied by students—classrooms, playground equipment, bathrooms, cubbies, the sanctuary, the chapel, and dining areas.
  • Wise is increasing availability of hygiene products, new signage on campus to encourage hand-washing and proper hygiene during public gatherings, and at our Purim Carnival on Sunday we will provide hand-washing stations throughout the campus. All students, faculty, and staff have been advised to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after public gatherings. In addition, all students, faculty, and staff have been advised to wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after sneezing, coughing, and disposing of tissues.

In addition, Wise School has implemented the following policies on our campus, effective immediately:

  • Travel. For families planning international travel, please note that, if you visit a country that is under a CDC Level 2 or Level 3 Travel Health Notice, your child will be required to stay home and away from fellow students for 14 days after returning to Los Angeles. This is the standard period recommended by the CDC as a precautionary measure. If you plan to travel to a country under a Level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice, please contact Nurse Gail Rosenblum to coordinate.
  • Illness. All students, faculty, and staff who feel ill must remain home, and persons who have been ill should be fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before returning to campus. Faculty are prepared to help students complete any missed work from home. If you or anyone in your family are sick or show even initial symptoms of illness, do not come to school. No homework assignment, quiz, game, or performance is worth risking your health or the health of others.

Earlier this week, LA County declared a public health state of emergency in response to additional cases of COVID-19. We understand that such news has created additional concern. However, the Department of Public Health advises that the risk for contracting COVID-19 within the county remains low and that there is no need for social distancing measures at this time. Please know that we will never hesitate to cancel or postpone an activity in order to safeguard our students, families, or faculty, but our current circumstance does not warrant such measures. As such, we will continue to provide enriching, meaningful educational and spiritual programs to our families — from regular classes to field trips, Shabbat gatherings to the greatest Purim Carnival in Los Angeles — empowered by the knowledge that we have implemented the very best in safety and hygiene standards available.

Should you have questions or concerns, we look forward to discussing them with you. We also encourage everyone to read the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Coronavirus Resource Page. This is a fast-moving and ever-changing challenge and we will continue to be both vigilant and communicative.

We continue to draw strength from our commitment to one another and to pikuach nefesh, to safeguarding the well-being of everyone in our Wise community.

In Gratitude,

Rabbi Josh Knobel                                           Tami Weiser
Chair, Risk Management Committee           Head of School

Talking to Your Children About COVID-19

We understand that this situation is emotional and may cause concerns or anxiety for children and adults alike. Here are some helpful resources for discussing the virus with your family: