We are 87 days into our 100% participation in 100 days Annual Giving Campaign. We are excited to report that we are 85% to our goal. We need your support to reach our participation goal of 100%. We will be hosting a phone-a-thon on Wednesday, January 20 to close out our campaign. We will call all K-6 and EC families who have not yet made a contribution. Thank you to the families listed in our Honor Roll, who have helped us have an amazing campaign. We hope to include everyone in our final Honor Roll. To make a donation go to wiseschool18.wpengine.com/giving or contact Jessica Lebovits at 310.889.2276 or [email protected]


Wise School Annual Giving Honor Roll

Wise School K-6 and Early Childhood Families

VISIONARY $20,000+

Tracy and Jeffrey Kaplan


FOUNDER $10,000-$19,999

Katya and Tanel Harunzade

Dina and Raymond Levy

Inessa Grinberg  and Douglas Lichtman

Alex and Dafne Moradi

Brooke Mueller

Nilou and Henry Shahery

Gloria and Benjamin Soleimani

Lilian Jensen and Sam B Tabibian

Yael and Daniel Tenenbaum


BENEFACTOR $5,000-$9,999

Tannoz Bahremand and David Foruzanfar

Daniela and Baruh Benun

Dana Guerin

Sharona Cohen and Edwin Haronian

Sezin and Nesim Hason

Maari and Robert Herscu

Kathryn and Sean Javaheri

Jaremy and Brent Aiello-Ortner

Shel and Ran Pink

Jenna and Joey Pitson

Ramona and Ramin Simantob

Evelyn and Tony Shooshani

Patricia and Jian Torkan

Lori and Leandro Tyberg


EDUCATOR’S CIRCLE $2,500-$4,999

Delaram Hanookai and Michael Abaian

Ellie and Joseph Akhtarzad

Sandra and Eliezer Appel

Lisa and Jason Arasheben

Amanda and Joseph Azizi

Nasi and Babak Bamshad

Michele and Andrew Blecher

Guitty Caroline and Michel Bolour

Lisa and Gregory Cassileth

Allison Lee and Kenneth Chasen

Chrystelle and Charles Cohen

Ellie and Albert Cohen

Nas and Alen Cohen

Rebecca and David Cohen

Sherly and Kami Daneshgar

Rebeca and Mahyar Dardashti

Nancy and Richard Emmanuel

Nooshin and Afshine Emrani

Michelle and Ron Farhadi

Michelle Vannoy and Steven Foonberg

Paola and Alvaro Gancman

Andrea and Scott Gardenhour

Elizabeth Kopple and Chuck Gillman

Hannah and Ellis Ghodsian

Brenda and Omid Hamid

Lida and Payam Kashfian

Nazy and Farhad Kohanim

Alexis and Michael Lam

Sherin Natan and Hooman Lahijani

Leah and Shahab Mahboubian

Negar Salim and Ramin Messian

Nataly and Sean Namvar

Henry Ohebshalom

Carolyn and Pejman Rahnama

Golareh and Soroush Ramin

Bahar and Gregg Rinsler

Shohreh and Peyman Saadat

Foujan and Isaac Sakhai

Mojgan and Fariborz Satey

Neda and Michael Shakibhou

Katrin and Rafi Shaoulian

Holly and Kevin Tanna

Desiree and Marc Tabakoli

Kyle and Maurice Umansky

Jennifer and Kambiz Yadidi

Nilou and Avi Yroshalmiane

Jacqueline Hangtan and Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback


GUARDIAN $1,000-2,499

Michelle and Jeff Bader

Lisa and Herzel Bani-Esraili

Nina and Pejman Ben-Cohen

Doris and Ramin Daneshgar

Diana and Fred Dardashti

Sharon and Sepehr Dardashti

Doris and Shahin Dardashty

Christine Kevin Eberly

Inna and David Effress

Irina and Greg Faiman

Azita and Jack Farahi

Sanam and Dan Gabayzadeh

Molly and Jesse Ghalili

Sanam and Daniel Ghiyam

Tatiana and Shawn Ghodsian

Karen and Ariel Goldenstein

Olivia and Phil Gordon

Elise and Michael Greenberg

Nikki and Sean Hashem

Nooshin and Nasser Hiekali

Maxine and Gary Kleinman

Haleh and Shahrokh Kohanim

Dana and Ilan Lavian

Michelle and Joseph Moadeb

Mahin and Faramarz Moshfegh

Lisa and Farhad Novian

Stella and Farid Pakravan

Dorian and Shelley Redding

Robin Jacobs and Schlomo Schmuel

Niki and Charles Schwarz

Katrin and Dean Shabbouei

Liat and Eddie Siman

Brigitte Rozenberg-Snapir and Idan Snapir

Asal and Parham Yedidsion

Arlen and Daniel Yomtobian

Sivan and Igor Zakai


FRIEND $500-999

Noushin and Ramin Farshi

Amy and Brian Gallagher

Frank and Shideh Ghadooshahy

Stephanie and Daniel Heyman

Jacki and Roddy Javahery

Nazy and Kourosh Maddahi

Shiva and Ramin Melamed

Debbie and Babak Mossanen

Neda and Ivan Nikkhoo

Lora and Rabin Pournazarian

Sherlyn and Rodney Rad

Rebeca Farca and Jorge Rivera

Sepideh Forouzanrad and Arash Sabbagh-Fard

Debra and David Siegel

Valerie and Craig Sims

Desiree and Marc Tavakoli

Kamran and Sharona Tavakoli

Rozita and David Yacobi



CONTRIBUTOR  under $500

Ilona Altman


Jennifer and Aryeh Aslan

Elana and David Banafsheha

Linda and Jack Banafsheha

Limor Giladi-Bendor

Natalie Shabtai-Bral and Sean Bral

Cheryl and Bill Cohen

Jennifer and Kenneth David

Orly and Jeffrey Elson

Tonia and Marc Entous

Jessica and Josh Etting

Amy and Adam Friedman

Tiffany and Joubin Gabbay

Nira Maghsoudi and Ramin Gabayan

Alice Chang and Nir Hoftman

Keili Lefkovitz and Shane Johnson

Shabnam and Kourosh Khaloyan

Elise Perer and Jeff Kohn

Tannaz and Siman Lavi

Nicole Leslie

Emily Cohen-Meth and Jason Meth

Michelle and Ramin Neman

Limor and Matthew Pouldar

Natalie Rice

Sholeh and Bahram Saba

Sharon and Andre Sabetfard

Behareh Golbahar and Sam Sanandaji

Kimberly and Victor Schwartz

Emmanuelle and Leon Schwartzman

Jennifer Smith

Ariana and Kevin West

Natalie and Michael Zarabi

Ali Karp-Zirin and David Ziring



Wise School Grandparents

EDUCATOR’S CIRCLE $2,500-$4,999

Renee and Barry Gordon

Fran and Maury Rice


GUARDIAN $1,000-2,499

Robin Gerber Carnesal

Naim Perry


FRIEND $500-999

Karen and Allan Entous

Claire and Mel Kosasky

Michael Zeldin and Terry Gock


CONTRIBUTOR  under $500


Svetlana Elkind

Linda and Gary Etting

Leah Kroll

Pablo Nankin

Paula and Robert Schlesinger

Arthur Vanatek

Diana and Art Yanetek


Wise School Alumni Families and Sponsors

BENEFACTOR $5,000-$9,999

Eri S. Kroh

Jordanna Leigh Rodeo Realty