WASC Accreditation

Recognition of Excellence: WASC Accreditation


Dear Wise School Community,

In addition to celebrating our happiness with the holiday of Purim today, we are also joyful that Wise School had a very successful WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation visit last week. The visiting committee was extremely impressed with all aspects of our school and they noted twelve areas of strength. The following are a few of their commendations:

  1. The committee commends the school leadership, administration, faculty, staff and parents for their demonstrated and expressed love for the school and for the community that is served, leading to very effective educational program in a faith-based setting that truly helps to develop a well-balanced individual.
  2. The committee commends the faculty for their demonstrated support for Jewish tradition, the school, school leadership, school families and their students, which is expressed and demonstrated in a great variety of ways and results in a very effective program that makes every child feel valued.
  3. The committee commends the students of Wise School for their enthusiastic embracing of the school’s philosophy and programs and for taking maximum advantage of the opportunities afforded them, thereby better preparing themselves for their own future lives.
  4. The committee commends the various parent volunteers and committees for their time and work at the school, which provides an almost endless amount of assistance in facilitating a variety of programs that serve to help students grow in both academic and non-academic areas.
  5. The administration, faculty and parent groups for their use of social media tools in improving communication throughout the school community.

In addition to their positive reflections, they validated our areas for future growth, including:

  1. It is recommended that student experiences in prayer, hesed, Israel, and Judaic studies should lead to a cumulative and integrated set of knowledge, skills, and abilities – all consistent with the Wise Learning Process scope and sequence.
  2. It is recommended that the school leadership investigate the feasibility of, and establish, a school endowment to provide support for both the short and long term goals of the school.
  3. It is recommended that the school leadership continue the development of the Educational Advisory Committee to make its purpose clearly defined, to facilitate all aspects of it functions, and to make both the Committee and its purpose and function better known in the Wise School community.
  4. It is recommended that the administration and faculty work together to improve the integration of science, technology, engineering and math into the pre-K through grade 6 academic programs.

In their closing paragraph they wrote:

We want to thank the school for the opportunity to observe an engaging educational program in a beautiful campus setting. You are providing a wonderful program that will help young students be well prepared to continue their education. We wish you great success as you continue to serve your community and prepare young people to make great happen. It has been a true pleasure for us to share in your growth process.”

On behalf of the entire administrative team, I want to thank everyone for their dedication and efforts in helping us achieve a successful WASC visit. In June we will receive a formal report on the term of our re-accreditation.

Tami Weiser