On February 1st, Wise School hosted our 3rd Annual Family STEAM Night, where families participated in exciting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities.

Students in 2nd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade created innovative projects based on design challenges relating to themes studied in their science classes. In the Pollinator Design Challenge, 2nd graders designed devices to pollinate flowers without bees. In the Prosthetic Hand Design Challenge, 4th graders worked creatively and strategically in both Science and Project Studio to build a functional prosthetic hand out of everyday materials. In the Engineering Design Challenge, 5th graders designed stomp rockets from various materials to see which designs would fly farther. Our 3rd grade students stepped away from design challenges and worked in groups to research and build models depicting various ecosystems. Their models, like the design challenges, were on display for all to see at STEAM Night. Our most experienced 6th grade scientists successfully presented their science fair projects, showcasing their research skills and ability to use the scientific method.

We featured 3 unique events at STEAM Night this year. The California Science Center Desert Dome experience provided an interactive adventure to the California Mojave Desert in an inflatable dome where students used their observation skills to learn about ecology, adaptation, and desert habitats. Jo Pitesky, Space Scientist and Engineer from Jet Propulsion Lab, gave an informative talk, Q&A session, and slide show presentation – complete with pictures sent from NASA’s probe currently orbiting and eventually landing on Saturn – on today’s career choices in the field of space exploration and discovery. Lastly, Trash4Teaching joined us to show how they use recycled materials to make projects that utilize reverse engineering with electronic circuits and conductive properties. Students observed and identified conductive elements and reimagined electronic devices to create their own series and parallel circuits.

Between our amazing student projects and the fantastic events, STEAM Night 2017 was a great success, inspiring our students to Live the STEAM Dream!