Pheobe Lerner

Phoebe Always Comes Ready to Play

What type of sports do you like to play? I like to play every single sport. At a very young age, I started playing T-ball. I was very good as a child and excelled in sports. Throughout my childhood, I played hockey, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, and swimming. While in high school, I joined the varsity basketball and lacrosse teams and won ‘First Team All League’ my senior year of high school in basketball. I received coaching from a famous Harlem Globetrotter named Special K, who later became a dear friend. He helped me perfect my moves and play with heart. I assisted my High School team all the way to the Championship Tournament. Although we did not win first place, my love for basketball continues.

Which sport do you enjoy most? My two favorites now are hockey and basketball. I still play basketball with friends, and I teach it here as an after school enrichment class. It is fun to spread my love of basketball to a younger generation. I love to watch hockey, live and on television. I go to Kings games whenever I can! It is such a rush to be on the ice, Hockey is so competitive and physical.

If you could learn anything, what would it be? Since I love Disneyland, I would want to learn about how all the rides are engineered. I think it would be really interesting. I also want to learn all the skills for cooking like a chef. I love watching cooking shows! My favorite is Master Chef Junior because it is amazing to see the food that is created by these young, young children. They are making foods I cannot even pronounce!

When it is cold and rainy, what do you like to do? I like to sit at home with some hot chocolate. I enjoy cuddling under a blanket and watching reruns of ‘I Love Lucy’. The show was always on television when I was a child. My mom loves the show, too; we would watch it together when I was younger. I also enjoy decorating cakes, even though I cannot enjoy eating them anymore. I make everything in the cake: batter, frosting, fondant, and decorations. I have made cakes for birthdays, baby showers, and other events — even a wedding for my friend!

Now that you’re gluten free, what is your favorite thing to eat? Since I cannot eat gluten, I really started to enjoy cream of rice and strawberries. Cream of rice is kind of like Oatmeal. I did not know until last year (2014) that I had a gluten intolerance. My doctor ran a test because I did not feel well for a long time, and ever since I gave it up, I have felt better, which is important for someone who likes sports!

What foods do you miss most now that you are gluten free? I miss bread and churros! Luckily, there are a lot of restaurants that have gluten free options, and many grocery stores have substitutions. I make my own bread and pasta now. I use a lot of almond flour, corn pasta and soy noodles.

Phoebe always relishes an opportunity to get her students started in sports.

Pheobe at a Glance

  • Position: Parenting Center
  • Place of Origin: Los Angeles, CA
  • Education: Bachelors in Hospitality and Management. I am in the process of getting my certificate in Early Childhood Education from UCLA
  • Experience: My experience is mostly in the hotel industry. However, since high school, I have been coaching children’s basketball camps. I was also a long term babysitter for a family of three.
  • Family: I have a pretty small family. My parents live in Tarzana. My older brother lives in Las Vegas. My boyfriend and I live in Sherman Oaks. And I have a dog Duke.
  • Hobbies: Sports!