Library e-newsletter for 11/6/15

Book Fair
The Library, and especially Hershenson Hall, have been bustling with excitement.  Our Book Fair is a complete success thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the generosity of our parents.  Our two Book Fair co-chairs, Jennifer Cohen and Dana Guerin, along with Evelyn Shooshani, WPA President, Ilyse Levy, WPA Treasurer, Amy Gallagher, Golnaz Paya, and many dedicated parents have worked long hours from opening on Mitzvah Day to the closing of the Book Fair on Friday.  Their planning has led to the most successful Book Fair of all time!  The PJ pizza pajama party, WPA cookbook author, Amelia Saltzman, student guest author, Kathleen Krull, and Dads and Doughnuts were outstanding moments of the week.

The Annual Book Fair Book Mark Contest
Thanks to the one hundred students who participated in this year’s Book Mark contest.  Congratulations to our winners: Radin D, Laila J, Zoe R, Tess L, Yarden C, Raquel M, Abe E, Emma B, Sophia S, Oliver S, Amber K, Alexa S, Carolina B, Noah C, Matt H, and Brandon M.  Their book marks will be reproduced and distributed to all of our students.

Birthday Books
Thanks to the following students whose families have donated Birthday Books: Ella E,  Alexandria K, Gia L,  Ella O,  Alex  R,  Alexa S,  Ethan T, Noah T,  Deven Y,  and Naomi Z.

Happy Reading!