Vive l’Anne!

What do you like to do with your family? My husband and I love to cook. We make everything, but pizza and sushi are his favorite. I love to cook French foods; it reminds me of home. We rarely go out, we cook dinners every night. I add a lot of Mediterranean flair, so a lot of olive oil, garlic, and veggies. I love to talk with my children. It is great to just have conversations with them. I like to hear about their day and ask about their lives. Communication is so important in families; I do not want to lose the connection I have with my daughters. We speak exclusively French at home. My youngest one tries, but my oldest one is fluent in reading, writing, and speaking!

Your husband speaks French too? He is from France, too. We actually grew up only a few villages away from each other. I moved here when I was 13, and he did when he was 12. But we did not meet until I was 15, here in Los Angeles. Small world!

Tell me about where you grew up. I grew up in a little village in the south of France called La Bouilladisse. My favorite part about living there was the giant house, and the whole mountain as my backyard. I remember riding my bike with friends everyday and everynight- at all hours. Children have a lot more freedom, we were able to stay out late and ride around town with friends.

Do you miss France? I miss my childhood. It is very different being raised in open country versus a giant city.

How do you celebrate Shabbat with your family? My daughters and I do the cooking, they like to help prepare the Shabbat salad. We sit as a family and say the prayers — my daughters take a lot of pride in lighting the candles on Shabbat. We eat dinner, and afterward, we usually play board games. My favorite is Rummy Cube. We go to bed early, and on Saturday mornings, we walk to temple together.