Hi everyone,
A few changes and updates to note:

  1. Here is the link for our “Distance Learning Google Drive”. We decided to send it tonight so that you could familiarize yourself with the material and print the necessary documents. The majority of “Week 1’s” assignments are uploaded, and a few more will be added over the next few days. Additionally, our caterpillar pictures can be found on the private Kindergarten Facebook page.
    Specialists Activity
    Wise School Class of 2026
  2. The “optional activities” folder will be added to regularly, therefore please make sure to check it out more than once throughout the course of this week.
  3. You will receive an email from your “point teacher” daily. We will communicate with you and let you know the best/easiest way to personally reach us. You can also expect a phone call from us at some point tomorrow. Furthermore, we will be reaching out to schedule the remaining parent-teacher conferences.
  4. Below you will find a sample schedule created by one of our parents to use with her child (thank you, Cathy!). We highly suggest creating something similar. Children in general thrive on structure, stability, and consistency, and our class is already used to having a daily agenda. We would like to make this transition as seamless as possible, and using a daily schedule is an excellent way to start.

Talk soon and best of luck!
Diamond, Amanda, Melissa, Anna, Melanie, and Roni

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