Dear Parents,
As we settle into our new and not so normal routines, I am hoping for some sunny skies for you today, or at least a chance to venture outside for a walk, to study some bugs or to go on a nature scavenger hunt. Please remember, today, beginning at 12:45 p.m., teachers will be holding Parent-Teacher conferences. These will be either on Zoom or over the phone, and will continue all day on Thursday.  Even though your classes might not be doing interactive experiences during this time, please use these newsletter activities to keep busy! AND, if you can’t get to all of them in one day, you can find the newsletters all in one place, on our Wise School web site. No sifting through your emails, which I am sure are piling up!
A reminder, please join Rabbi Sari THIS MORNING, LIVE for Morning Blessings at 8:30 a.m. and Storah Time at 10 a.m.  How exciting!

Morning Blessings – TODAY!
Sunday-Wednesday, 8:30 a.m.: Grab your coffee and join Rabbi Sari on FB Live for morning blessings. Find her on the Stephen Wise Temple FB page.

Storah Time 
Wednesday, 10 a.m.: Rabbi Sari will be on Zoom for StorahTime. Just like our weekly classroom visits, we’ll sit together for a story. Sign on here, and we’ll put our smiling faces together.

Morning Exercise
How do we use our playground? with Teacher Karen
Go Noodle! Exercise fun for the whole family!  Recommended by Coach Danny

Where Does Rain Come From?
Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Sensory Experiences
Shaving Cream Painting

Painting/Sharpies on Aluminum Foil

Shapes in Your Environment

Easy Bread Recipe


Have a wonderful Wednesday!