Dear Wise EC and Parenting Center Families,
WOW. What a Monday. If you are anything like me, you were managing your own work, to-do lists online learning for your children, and a thousand other things. I can safely say, I have brushed up and dusted off the cobwebs on 3rd grade curriculum. AND, it was not so pretty in my house. We had our moments, both good and challenging, with a couple of dance parties thrown in. I am sparing you the gory details, but know this–we are all doing the best we can in the circumstances that challenge our balance, sense of safety, and yes, our patience. And the good news? Today is a new day! We can take what we learned from yesterday and grow right alongside our children.
I want to remind you, that tomorrow, Wednesday (after noon) and all day Thursday are our Parent Teacher Conferences.  Please remember to be available during the time you signed up for a conference. If you are having challenges, please email your classroom teachers.  Your teachers will either call or invite you to a Zoom conference. While we will send out a school-wide newsletter on Thursday, the teacher interaction with children will not take place because they are on conference calls with all of you.
There will be opportunities to connect later this week, beginning with the following:
Morning Blessings
Sunday-Wednesday, 8:30am: Grab your coffee and join Rabbi Sari on FB Live for morning blessings. Find her on the Stephen Wise Temple FB page.
Storah Time
Wednesday, 10am: Rabbi Sari will be on Zoom for StorahTime. Just like our weekly classroom visits, we’ll sit together for a story. Sign on here, and we’ll put our smiling faces together.
And now, for our Tuesday together…
I invite you, as we do in the EC classrooms each morning, to focus on taking 3 deep breaths, and join me for Modeh Ani. We thank G-d for our breath, for the new day, for returning our souls to us:
Some books and mindfulness activities to get us started:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear with Teacher Genene
Tap the Magic Tree with Teacher Karen
Join Teacher Cheryl from Rock Zen Roll Yoga for a morning stretch
I like to move it, move it…Mirror Dancing for Everyone!
Have a wonderful day!