1. As we prepare to start distance learning next week, here are some ideas to get ready:
    Location: Think about where your child will be most comfortable and do their best work. Think about where distractions will be limited and where you can take advantage of natural light. This could be at their desk in their bedroom, at the kitchen table, or on the couch. Just be sure the location can support whatever device your child will be using.
  2.  Seating: You want seating that is comfortable, but not so comfortable that your child will get lethargic or sleepy.
  3. Materials: Consider creating some kind of tote, bin or basket with the various school supplies your child might need such as paper, pencils, erasers, pens, markers, highlighters, tape, paper clips, charging cord for device, water.  Having to look for any of these types of items will delay learning or disconnect your child from the learning that is happening remotely.
  4. Adult support / supervision: Distance learning is most likely new for your child, for you, and for our teachers. You will have to experiment with how much support and supervision your child will need to be attentive and productive.  Think about setting aside more time during the first few days until we all get the hang of this.
  5. Meals / Breaks: Be sure to have your young scholar eat a nutritious breakfast before the school work begins. Make sure your scholar has breaks for snacks and movement.
  6. Setting expectations: Consider having a conversation with your child before this distance learning begins about your and your teachers’ expectations for learning. Help shift their mindset to understand that their home is now also their school!
  7. Dress: While wearing their school uniform is not mandated, consider having your child wear it, or at least wear proper, respectful clothing, to help put them in a serious and purposeful frame of mind.

*We will hold parent-teacher conferences as scheduled next week.  Because of this, there will be reduced instruction on Wednesday and no instruction on Thursday.

We have been asked for advice on how to talk to our children about the current situation.  One helpful article is Betsy Brown Braun’s Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus

Teachers will continue to communicate with you regularly, so be sure to check your email several times each day.  Meanwhile, we appreciate your patience, your collaboration, and your partnership as we embark on this interesting adventure of distance learning!

-Stephanie Milonas, John Heffron, Pam Kleinman, Malka Clement