Throughout the years, Wise School has sent many teams from our Los Angeles campus to participate in regional, state, and world championships, and 2017 was no exception! This year, after winning first place at the regional and state championships, Wise School sent our 4th and 5th grade teams to the World Finals in Michigan over Memorial Day weekend. Working on both their long term and spontaneous problems, Wise School had an amazing finish out of over 850 teams from around the world.

Our 5th grade team took on the Technical problem “Odd-a-Bot” and placed 8th out of the top 52 teams in the world. Our 4th grade team took on the Classics problem, competing against 67 teams and earned 3rd place in the world. We are incredibly proud of their dedication to this year-long commitment in making great happen!

Wise School is the only Jewish Day School in Los Angeles to participate in the international problem-solving competition known as Odyssey of the Mind. The world-wide program provides a unique opportunity for students to apply and demonstrate their deep learning. In Odyssey, teams of seven students from schools around the world select a problem, accompanied by a lengthy list of criteria, and develop creative solutions to the problem. The “solution” culminates in a one-of-a-kind performance that showcases not just an answer, but student creativity, teamwork, problem solving skills, artistic abilities, engineering aptitude, costuming preferences, and acting talents. Additionally, coaches work with their students throughout the year to learn to solve problems spontaneously, either verbally, hands-on, or a combination of verbal/hands-on.

To learn more about Odyssey of The Mind, you can read our very own Jason Meth’s article that was just published on the California Association for the Gifted website: 2017/an-odyssey-of-the-mind/